• Tibetan bells - mantras
  • binaural beats
  • sleep music
  • meditation
  • solfeggio tones
  • affirmations
  • fantasy music
    fantasy music
  • piano-keyboard-acrylic-painting

Music for meditation and sleep - Relaxation music in many genres. Welcome to MusicMindMagic

I’m Martin Starson and my great passion is composing original music for meditation, deep relaxation and sleep. I create original music and videos, that relax, enlighten and elevate the body, mind and spirit. My main genres are music for meditation, sleep, relaxation, fantasy & orchestral music, spoken word & calm piano music.

I also animate many of my music videos with my own personal original animations, to make the overall experience more complete and holistic. My main instrument for composing is the piano. I am the proud owner of an acoustic silent Yamaha B3. I’m absolutely in love with the piano. It resembles the whole orchestra: the percussion, the bass, the melody, all the various colors of the chords and makes it a perfect instrument for me to compose the music I love.

In these times of trouble, I wish you all a strong resilient body and peace in mind. Blessings from Martin