Martin | The CEO

Welcome, Dear Visitor.
My name is Martin Starson and I compose original music in various genres like: Meditation & Relaxation Music – Fantasy & Celtic Music – Music with Affirmations. Subgenres are: Bamboo Flute, Solfeggio healing, Solo piano, Binaural beats, Sleep Music.
My main instrument for composing is the Piano. I am the proud owner of an acoustic silent Yamaha B3. I’m absolutely in love with the piano. It resembles the whole orchestra: the percussion, the bass, the melody, all the various colors of the chords and makes it a perfect instrument for me to compose the music I love.
All the music from MusicMindMagic is based on the newest scientific research and uses the latest computer technology. I do not boast about being better than all the others ( though everybody claims to be best) What I can guarantee you, is professional videos of highest quality, made from a deep heartfelt vision to create healing changes and greater consciousness for you and me. Kind regards from Martin