All 6 Solfeggio Frequencies⎜HEALING TONES ⎜6 Hours Sleep Meditation Music

All 6 Solfeggio Frequencies⎜HEALING TONES ⎜6 Hours Sleep Meditation Music
All 6 Solfeggio Frequencies are now on this one video. I finally finished all 6 original solfeggio videos and made this compilation, for you to enjoy the healing tones, without interruption, wich gives you 6 hours of healing sleep meditation music.
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Album timestamps:
Solfeggio 396 hz – 0:00:02
Solfeggio 417 hz – 1:00:03
Solfeggio 528 hz – 2:00:07
Solfeggio 639 hz – 2:59:19
Solfeggio 741 hz – 4:00:01
Solfeggio 852 hz – 5:00:50

What is Solfeggio?
The original Solfeggio scale consists of 6 electromagnetic frequencies, where Solfeggio 852 Hz is the sixth’ of these frequencies.
How and why? – Everything is energy, you are energy, vibrating. The Solfeggio audio tracks are designed to syncronize your energy system and bring it home, to where it belongs. In perfect balance with the cosmos.

Please USE HEADPHONES to get the full effect of the 3D surround sound. Please do not listen to the solfeggio music while driving or operating dangerous machinery.

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MusicMindMagic composes original music in various genres like: Fantasy Music, Celtic Music, Music for pure relaxation, Music for meditation, Music with affirmations, Music with beautiful female vocals, Music for contemplation, Solo Piano music, Music with embedded affirmations, Solfeggio Healing frequencies, Music with binaural beats, Music for expanding the consciousness, Music for greater focus & concentration. MMM also composes original gentle piano music, to calm and relax the mind & body.

All the music from MusicMindMagic is based on the newest scientific research and uses the latest audio/computer technology. We do not boast about being better than all the others ( though everybody claims to be best ) What we can guarantee you, is professional audio products of high quality, made from a deep heartfelt vision to create healing changes and greater consciousness for you and me.

✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ Martin Sjolte Starson ✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧

My name is Martin Sjolte Starson and the founder of MusicMindMagic. I am a pianist, composer, Hypnotherapist and author. I have an MD in Musicology. My vision with this channel is to create peaceful calm music, that you can relax to anywhere you like. The music I compose is quite simple, with simple but peaceful beautiful melody lines. Some would call it meditation music, others mindful music or just music to relax to.

Anyway, the main goal is to deeply relax yourself from the sometimes very stressful world and all it’s demands. We all need to take a break once in a while and music is one of the fastest ways of turning down the stressful frequencies of the mind. If I can contribute to this through my music, then the purpose of this channel is fulfilled.

I would like to thank you for listening and visiting my channel and maybe leaving some feedback/new ideas/comments/ for me. The feedback is very important and I can use it to make my music even better.

Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson


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