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Anxiety and Fear – How to live without it

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an irrational state, founded on deep forces from our unconscious. The experience of anxiety is often, that the individual feels paralysed and thus feels helpless and  without any control of the course of events.

Fearing the anxiety itself

A hallmark of anxiety is often also the fear the anxiety itself. You are convinced that it will show up in this and that situation, because your mind relies on previous experiences. This can intiate an unhealthy circle, where you so to speak are, "programming your mind to disaster" - which in the end perpetuates and intensifies the anxiety.

Possible treatment options:

1: Cognitive therapy
2: Meditate, just 5 min. a day
3: Listen to positive affirmations
4: Eat, drink and be healthy
5: Be grateful. You are here. You exist
6: Observe your mind, who is observing?
7: Hypnotherapy and hypnosis
9: Go into nature, walk barefooted. Feel mother earth beneath you feet
8: Listen to healing mantras and positive affirming music

Solfeggio frequencies

These frequencies tune and cleanse you energy system. Listen to the 396 hz video below

Taste it, in small chunks ..

There are several ways to learn to deal with your anxiety. One of the options, that for some people seem as  fear provoking, is to learn to stay in the feeling. Slowly getting to know it ( This is also called cognitive therapy) By doing so, one discovers that it is not as dangerous as one thought. It all takes place inside the head of the anxious mind, creating unrealistic and sometimes completely surreal images of the future.

This is the basic paradox of anxiety, namely that the problem contains the solution. So what does it take for a person to really dare to take the plunge, and stay in his fear? The answer is simple, namely to connect with the resources you already contain.

Add the necessary resources.

hypnosis resourcesA basic statement in all self-help is that you have all the resources you need. So you do not have to look for something outside of you, that you already have inside of you.

Here, meditation and relaxation can really be helpful. Meditation can create the necessary calm and relaxed setting that is necessary to be able to open inward. Then the magic happens, as the anxiety gets morphed with resources such as: calmness, the ability to let go, surrender, acceptance of oneself as one really is.

CLASH. This is what happens when the fear meets its opposite, in the form of calmness or relaxation. Often a completely different third feeling arises. People sometimes report a strange feeling of an almost mysterious nature, when fear and calmness meet and dissolve into each other. Something good is happening at the same time as something 'bad'