FOMO – Fear of missing out online

fomo - fear of missing out
Does it itch in your fingers to check out the next update on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Do you have a tinge of discomfort, when your cell phone is out of range? Did you forget turn it off last night to?

Maybe you suffer from FOMO, fear off missing out (fear of not being online)
This fear can slowly and unnoticed creep into your life, and eventually become an obsession, an addiction.

Test if you suffer from FOMO:

Simply put your phone away from you and then register your inner state. Are drawn to it after a short time? without you having made a conscious decision about what you really want to use it for. Then it has become an unconscious reflex. An automatic habit, such as blinking or breathing.
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Unconscious habits are nessesary to us humans, but if the habit controls and runs us in a direction, where we lose control and sovereignty, then it is an inappropriate habit.
Of course, it is up to the individual to assess and decide what needs to be done about it, but in order to break or change a habit, one must first become aware that it exists. One must take oneself in being unconscious…
(Sorry, hang in there dear reader, just need to check something …………
………. Okay, then I’m back. My brother-in-law had just posted a post on Facebook about his friend’s daughter who had seen a friend’s video with a cute cat who said miaw in a funny way)
Well, were where we at?

Simple exercise to relieve FOMO :

If you have already become aware that you are addicted to being online, the next step is to change your habit. How?
By being sensitive and aware of your actions in relation to your phone.
Observe your addictive pattern as neutrally, honestly and clearly as possible, and then let go of phone just a few times during the day, where you would normally have reached out for it.
At the same time, let go in the body, because there will be impulse and a tension that is associated with the fear of being without the phone. Let the discomfort of NOT following the habit be, accept it and it loses its power.

Why do you have fear of missing out?

Maybe you have lost faith in yourself and you are desperately trying to get other peoples attention and accept. You are in lack of self-worth and self-esteem. You can change this, by affirming your unique qualities and that you are valuable, worthy, okay as you are, perfect. Try listening to videos like the ones below ↴↴↴

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