Gamma Brain Waves Meditation 40 Hz frequency 1 Hr Producing Focus, Calmness, Happiness

Gamma Brain Waves Meditation 40 Hz frequency 1 Hr Producing Focus, Calmness, Happiness
Gamma Brain Waves (40 Hz) are the fastest of our brainwaves, sweeping across our brain 40 times a second producing increased focus, calmness and even happiness. Headphones recommended.
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There is a direct correlation between the boundless, unlimited and the Gamma frequencies. When Gamma waves are present, people are recorded having the feeling of “anything is possible”
Sink into the music with the feeling of compassion, oneness and unconditional love. This will help produce even more Gamma waves, making the meditation more profound and deeper.

This 40 Hz Gamma frequency is “clean” – no binaural beats necessary. It’s low but very potent. I used a sound generator to produce some rain like sounds and added some deep breathing to enhance the relaxed feeling. Use headphones please. Enjoy:-)

All music is my original and composed my me, Martin Starson/MusicMindMagic.

♡ ANIMATIONS: The video animations are made by me in Motion 5

♡ MusicMindMagic

MusicMindMagic composes original music in various genres like: Fantasy Music, Celtic Music, Music for pure relaxation, Music for meditation, Music with affirmations, Music with beautiful female vocals, Music for contemplation, Solo Piano music, Music with embedded affirmations, Solfeggio Healing frequencies, Music with binaural beats, Music for expanding the consciousness, Music for greater focus & concentration. MMM also composes original gentle piano music, to calm and relax the mind & body.

All the music from MusicMindMagic is based on the newest scientific research and uses the latest audio/computer technology. We do not boast about being better than all the others ( though everybody claims to be best ) What we can guarantee you, is professional audio products of high quality, made from a deep heartfelt vision to create healing changes and greater consciousness for you and me.

I would like to thank you for listening and visiting my channel and maybe leaving some feedback/new ideas/comments/ for me. The feedback is very important and I can use it to make my music even better.

Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson


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