Heart Brain Coherence Music (7min) 0.1 Hertz Syncronization


Heart Brain Coherence Music (7min) 0.1 Hertz Syncronization

When the heart and the brain are in optimal sync with one another, the frequency measured is 0.1 hertz. This is called heart brain coherence.

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When experiencing heart brain coherence, the nervous system, cardiovascular system, hormonal system and immune system, work much more harmoniously & efficiently together, creating a more optimal level of performance.

♡ About the track:
This track vibrates around the base frequency of 136.1 hz, with two different frequencies 136.15 and 136.05 ( binaural beats) creating the 0.1 frequency. The track also has some Buddha sayings embedded ‘Fill your heart with compassion’

All music is my original work and composed entirely by me, Martin Starson/MusicMindMagic.

♡ ANIMATIONS: The video animations are made by me in Motion 5

♡ IMAGE: Thanks for the FREE Image by ElisaRive from Pixabay:

Some benefits (possible) from heart brain coherence:
☑️ Activate the parasympathetic nervous system
☑️ Move away from the fight or flight response
☑️ Facilitate the body’s natural regenerative processes
☑️ Greater contact with your intuition & creativity
☑️ Increased energy & vitality
☑️ A smoother HRV pattern (heart rate variability)

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All the music from MusicMindMagic is based on the newest scientific research and uses the latest audio/computer technology. We do not boast about being better than all the others ( though everybody claims to be best ) What we can guarantee you, is professional audio products of high quality, made from a deep heartfelt vision to create healing changes and greater consciousness for you and me.

Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson

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