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Mantra Affirmations Positive - I Am The Light - The Light I Am - Holy Sacred Healing Words
I Am The Light – The Light I Am – is a holy healing mantra, derived and inspired from a declaration of the lord Jesus Christ, found in the gospel of John. ↴↴
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♡About the song
I was inspired by a sentence, I heard in a talk with Matt Kahn, and decided to make a video about it. The sentence was: I Am The Light – The Light I Am – The I Am The Light is the first part of a declaration from Jesus, found in John 8:12, where the Christ says: ‘I am the light of the world’ – one of several I Am declarations from that particular gospel.
♡About the video:
Photography: Casey French – Animations: Martin Starson
♡About the composing of the music
it’s Impossible, of course, to transfer the true meaning of something as beautiful and grand as ‘I am the light’, into music but I gave it a shot anyway. I recorded the vocal, while looking at some pictures of my loved ones, and sinking into the feeling of gratitude and love.
Hope you enjoy:-)

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Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson