5th Dimension Frequency Meditation Music 528 Hz


5th Dimension Frequency Meditation Music 528 Hz – The Vibration Of Love


5th dimension frequency music, vibrating at 528 hz, one of the Solfeggio tones, also known as the ‘love vibration’ or ‘miracle tone’

I composed the track with the 5th dimension frequency in mind, creating a very light and ethereal soundscape. You can use the track for various purposes, connecting with your higher self, regaining positive energy, or just for pure relaxation. Headphones are recommended but not required.

All music is my original work and composed entirely by me, Martin Starson/MusicMindMagic.

♡ ANIMATION/ARTWORK: The video animation/artwork is made by me in Motion 5


My name is Martin Sjolte Starson and the founder of MusicMindMagic. I am a pianist, composer, Hypnotherapist and author. I have an MD in Musicology. My vision with this channel is to create peaceful, uplifting, calm music, that you can relax to anywhere you like. The music I compose is quite simple, with simple but peaceful beautiful melody lines. Some would call it meditation music, others mindful music or just music to relax to.

I would like to thank you for listening and visiting my channel and maybe leaving some feedback/new ideas/comments/ for me. The feedback is very important and I can use it to improve my music.

Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson

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