Binaural Beats With Water Sounds 16 min.


Binaural Beats With Water Sounds 16 min. Whale Sounds & Deep Breathing for Sleep


Binaural Beats With Water Sounds 16 min. Whale Sounds & Deep Breathing for Sleep. This underwater meditation music is designed to help you relax deeply. The length is 16 min. It contains underwater sounds of bubbles, breathing, whales singing & alpha waves.

The underwater video also has binaural beats, helping the brainwaves to lower the frequency. Use the video to relax to, for at short meditation or if you have trouble sleeping. PLEASE USE HEADPHONES to get the full effect of the binaural beats.
Enjoy. Love from MusicMindMagic

♡ MUSIC: All music is my original work and composed entirely by me, Martin Starson/MusicMindMagic.

My name is Martin Sjolte Starson and the founder of MusicMindMagic.

I’m Martin Sjolte Starson. Creativity expresses itself through me in various ways. Mainly through my music in many different genres like: meditation, fantasy, orchestral, solo piano, ambient, holy chants and brainwave entrainment. 

I also use my camera creatively, to shoot pictures and videos for my music. 

I love the entire process of making a musicvideo, from takin an image and animating it to working in the digital workstation composing the tracks.

I am a pianist, composer, Hypnotherapist and author. I have an MD in Musicology. My vision with this channel is to create peaceful, uplifting, calm music, binaural beats with water sounds, meditation music, piano music, that you can relax to anywhere you like. The music I compose is quite simple, with simple but peaceful beautiful melody lines. Some would call it meditation music, others mindful music or just music to relax to. 


Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson