The 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance Earth Heartbeat


The 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance Earth Heartbeat Frequency Deep – 2 hrs Alpha Binaural Beats


The 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance is the lowest of the Schumann frequencies. It is also known as the earth’s heartbeat or OM frequency ↴ USE HEADPHONES. ♡Subscribe and get the latest videos here ▶︎ 

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♡About the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance

I let the Schumann resonance revolve around 40 hz or Gamma base frequency, to get a big, fat, saturated subbass like sound, to enhance the relaxed, laid back feeling. I chose to add some distant temple bells and some sweeping whoooshes, to elude the sound of the spacelike cavity between the edge of the earth and the ionosphere.

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Playlist: Binaural beats meditation music

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Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson

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Peace & relaxation from Martin Sjolte Starson

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