Self-Love Affirmations “I AM VALUABLE” – 16 min. Affirmations of Self-Love & Self-Worth

Affirmations For Self Love And Acceptance "I AM VALUABLE" - Affirm Your True Nature
Self-love affirmations on this video, that affirm that YOU ARE A SOVEREIGN BEING. NOTHING LESS! That’s it. Affirm your unique qualities, your self-love, self-worth with the gentle, spoken affirmations on this video ( the affirmations start at 2:29 ) and relax your body & mind with the calm soothing background music.

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—————– NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR ——————–

Make it a daily routine and listen to the “I Am Valuable” affirmations twice a day, to affirm that from now on, you are valuable no matter what happens. Remember to to FEEL the feeling of value, visualize your value, taste your value, hear your your value.
Please use headphones to get the full effect of the soundscape and binaural beats. Love from Martin

Transcript of the affirmations used in this video:

I am a sublime being.
A sovereign being.
I am a unique existence.
I am valuable.
I am enough.
I have an inner value.
This value is perfect.
Absolutely perfect.
My inner value is untouchable.
Always, eternally, forever.
It’s okay to be me.
I am no matter what.
I am beautiful, from the inside and out.
I am beautiful, from the outside and in.
I already am all I need to be.
My worth is untouchable.
My value is invaluable.
I am a sovereign being.
I have the right to be myself.
I have the right to fill myself out.
I have the right to love myself.
I have the right to be independent of others.
I have the right to disagree.
I have the right to be me.
I accept my own uniqueness.
I love and accept myself for exactly who I am.
My worth is independent of others’ thoughts.
Nobody’s thoughts can harm me.
Nobody can think me bad.
I already am everything that I need to be.
My inner worth grows stronger every day.
I might bend but never break.
I am worthy.Worthy of all the best.
I am worthy of my own deep respect and recognition.
I am that I am, and that’s enough.


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