watch buried in brown sand showing time - stress releasing mantras

Stress Releasing Mantras For Optimal Balance

Feeling stressed? - Then consider listening to some powerful mantras, and let them help you release your tension and worries.

Stress is a psychological strain on the mind, which can also have a number of physical symptoms attached. The physical symptoms can be high blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, restlessness, irritability and pain in the stomach, for example.

worried man relieving stress with mantra

One distinguishes between different types of stress: The short-term, which can be a limited period of overtime at work or an upcoming exam.The prolonged stress may be caused by a sudden change in the person's normal life such as illness in the family or occupational nature.
Other types of stress are known as PTSD - post traumatic stress syndrome. This type of stress is especially well known among war veterans, where the psyche and mind have not been able to process and integrate the violent experiences.

You know the feeling - thoughts run through your head, your body is hectic, your heart beats faster, your tolerance threshold is lower, etc. You are stressed. A typical behavior for a stressed person is not being able to overcome things. It all piles up and becomes unmanageable.

Are you stressed?

Then try to listen to these powerful, relaxing mantras. The first mantra is AUM mantra. AUM (OM) Chanting at 396 Hz. The AUM - OM sound is the primordial sound of the universe, reverberating everywhere & in everything in the cosmos. The mantra is chanted at 396 Hz, which is the energy vibration corresponding with the root chakra. ↴↴↴

You can use the 396 aum chanting to cleanse your root chakra for fear, anxiety & negativity, or if you need some serious grounding to help create a greater feeling of security & safety. You can also use the aum chanting to meditate to, relax to or fall asleep to.

Stress and time

watch buried in brown sand showing time - stress releasing mantras
Stress is closely related to the concept of time. A lot of stuff needs to be done in no time. The rational brain, which is quite limited, when it comes to working with many things at once, shuts down.
Some stressed people may even experience  having a "blank screen" where the mind just freezes. A natural reflex, that everyone experiences from time to time, but for the stressed person, it just enforces the vicious circle.

Negative circles

A lot of stress originates from negative circles, and create even more stress. The circle must be broken and transformed into a positive one. In fact, part of the solution is hidden in the current stress pattern. Letting events / situations reinforce each other, just with a positive outcome. One essential way of breaking the pattern of stress is relaxing. This is key. ↴↴↴

Relax to the LAM mantra. The Muladhara root chakra is associated with earth and the seed mantra LAM. The LAM mantra is useful for grounding yourself, and connecting to mother earth. Please use HEADPHONES.

Meditation: First take 3 long deep breaths, relax and then with your awareness deeply rooted at the base of your spine, listen to the LAM track chanting. Visualize a deep red color from the Muladhara chakra that vibrates and expands outwards and upwards like a volcano.